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windows 10 superlite compact
windows 10 superlite compact

Windows 10 SuperLite Compact (Gaming Edition) x64 2020

Windows ISO

Hello, If you are thinking of installing windows 10 on your windows pc then I have brought for you the latest Windows 10 version 1909 (19H2) Build 18363.476 SuperLite Compact Edition of windows 10. If you use this version you will hopefully benefit. The super lite edition has been created for gamers for the SuperLite Compact version of Windows 10 Version 1909 with many lite weight windows that will keep your PC much faster.

Windows 10 SuperLite Compact (Gaming Edition) x64 – 2020 Latest

Windows 10 SuperLite General Info

  • Version: 1909 / Codename 19H2
  • OS build: 18363.476
  • Arch: x64
  • Lang: en-US
  • File size: 2.34GB
  • Format: .iso
  • CRC32: f6978b97
  • MD5: 29bc23b04048d32bd2b44bfbd5bb3017

Changelog for Windows 10 SuperLite Compact / What is New:

  • OS build 18363.476
  • Ghost tool case one.6 + 7z
  • Updatable / Non-Updatable
  • Defender / or while not Defender
  • Update .Net Framework four as well as 3/2
  • Enable .Net Framework three.x or Force .Net Framework four.x
  • amendment Target Edition
  • Windows recovery (ghost toolbox)
  • Bring back Windows options / or while not Windows options
  • OEM Product key from Microsoft (Enterprise Digital License)
  • Defender Engine Latest counterintelligence updates
  • Antimalware consumer Version four.18.1902.5
  • Engine Version one.1.16500.1
  • Antivirus Version one.305.3192.0
  • Antispyware one.305.3192.0
  • Biometric – Manual

Windows Updates are disabled till 2030, it will not be change till you click resume. – if you wish to use windows update simply click resume updates. – if you do not like windows update simply leave it paused. or install a Non-updatable version. – “Microsoft Store and apps/Drivers/Language & keyboard/Defenders engine” Still are often updated with windows updates pause.


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Download Recent Update Windows 10 Super Lite Compact Iso

  • File Size: 2.29GB
  • MD5: 1268e4866ba4d95c00dbba1ef926eb36
  • Format: .iso
  • Update: March ‎20, ‎2020

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46 Comments on “Windows 10 SuperLite Compact (Gaming Edition) x64 2020

how to install this os o my laptop

First, download this Windows 10 SuperLite Compact ISO file. Then boot this windows 10 iso file with a USB drive with Rufus software. Then install it. Plus you can watch the video on YouTube. thanks 🙂

blue screen with error winload.efi on startup

if you face blue screen error then you should check your ram. some time blue screen error showing for ram.

Will this install properly by DVD-rom install?

you can easily install this iso file with a bootable USB drive. use this software to make bootable USB Rufus

this file are harmful or virus?

No Bro This windows gaming edition is good for you. you never find any virus or any harmful file in this ISO.

thats good to hear, i always want to refresh os on my nitro 5 ,,hope this will solve the frezze problems

Just can’t install on my virtual machine, Windows setup, english, cant click next or use keyboard to continue

thanks for your comment. Is there an error showing on your Vital Machine?

does it have windows 10 store because i bought a game on it and i don’t want to miss it

yes, you can use Windows 10 store. but it’s not installed by default. you need to use toolbox software to install Windows 10 store.

Boa Tarde
é possível colocar em português?

yes, you can. just download the language pack and install it. after installing language pack then select your favorite language.

I’ve tried many many so called lite editions of Windows 10 pro 64 bits but yours is by far the best efficient one ! it’s a keeper and a life saver, super lite with bluetooth and wifi activated (no need to go search for the drivers like the other editions), the possibility to update and no windows defender and above all, the Tweaker console Ghost is just wonderful, giving us the possibility to add/remove some useful features
Thanks a lot from the bottom of my heart !
GOD bless ya and salutes from Casablanca (Morocco)

Can we use Photoshop and other software in this lite edition?

Yes, you can. this edition support all software according to your pc.

Actually nevermind. I got it working by using the cmd command slmgr and the publicly available key for Enterprise (Google helped)

one important thing is missing, the top bar of file explorer is missing which is very useful for me as i generally use hidden items toggle in view tab, it’s very necessary for me and convenient as well, i hope you do an update and rbing it back. Please do it, that’s the only thing stopping me from using your lite version otherwise it’s perfect.

Brother, you have to leave some features here because this is the super lite edition of windows 10. So to gain something is to lose something. I hope you understand

Well, it’s available in v1909 but wasn’t in 1809 and i didn’t see properly being hurry and installation i realized it’s older option, i really like ghost toolbox, it’s an awesome tool, your ISOs are fantastic.

There’s bug which keeps popping up new version available when it’s already the latest in ghost toolbox. Please fix it in the next release, this is one of the best lite possibly ever could be.

I expected windows updates to be disabled but it’s ok i can do that manually sometimes if you leave it for too long your lite version is you are back to full windows with tremendous amount of bloatwarw.

Bro can I install GTA V on this?? I really wanna play GTA V but on fitgirl.. I wish it will work on this OS that you gave bro..

bro why are you ignoring me and not approving my comment?
I can’t run dism command to repair windows in your lite version but sfc /scannow works fine.
Also, I am trying to make a windows to go usb to repair my windows as i messed up with services and disabled task scheduler with the help of a registry hack which was really unnecessary tbh.

Sorry, bro. I understand you’re in trouble. Since you are not the developer of this Windows 10 SuperLite Compact version, I can’t help you.

hi, what’s the minimum ram to used for your lite windows 10, have presently a vaio sony with core 5 first generation with 4 gig ddr3, have installed the original win10 but it’s very sllloooowww lol

this version can work 2GB ram but recommend 4GB ram

what is the difference b/w compact and superlite?

compact and Superlite These two are very similar. But Superlite is to optimize more.

does it compatible for laptop? does it require fresh install or is there any way i can keep my apps and files after installetion…
how do i do fresh install(i know how to make bootable usb)?
can i use this os as a dualboot if yes, how?

yes, you can install this OS Dualboot and There is no requirement for this.

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