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Coronavirus Update

Coronaviruses are a virus group. This COVID-19 virus was originally found in mammals and birds. But first of all, the virus does not spread among the people from a seafood market in the country. These coronaviruses are spread from person to person. COVID-19 or Coronaviruses are spread from a cough or cough when a person with a coronavirus suffers. To date, no COVID-19 or Coronaviruses have been developed.

How can you stay safe from these COVID-19 or Coronaviruses?

Now to avoid COVID-1 or Coronaviruses, you have to take the initiative yourself. For that, you need to be 3 feet away from a man And clean as much water and your hands as possible. And refrain from going outside. Hope you stay safe.

Here is a list of Covid-19 or Coronaviruses infected eyes.

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